måndag 29 december 2008

Bundesliga Fashion.

tisdag 23 december 2008


söndag 21 december 2008

lördag 20 december 2008

Inspiration: Party pictures.

The Cobrasnake.

Last Nights Party.

Lilly Allen - The Fear

The Fear video

Fashion Tale in Paris. Day 1.

Fake snow at Centre Culturel Suedois.

Fashion Tale Magazine at Agora Presse.

D’UNE RÉVOLUTION À L’AUTRE at Palais de Tokyo.

Fashion Tale Magazine at Palais de Tokyo.

torsdag 18 december 2008

Teaser: Fashion Tale Factory

visit Fashion Tale Factory

onsdag 10 december 2008

måndag 8 december 2008

December is CocoRosie time

fredag 5 december 2008


torsdag 27 november 2008

onsdag 26 november 2008

fredag 21 november 2008

Printing Fashion Tale winter issue

tisdag 18 november 2008

"The Magic Numbers"

I'm pretty damn sure "The Magic Numbers" will deliver magic the 19th of December at Street, Stockholm. The same way as they did last year, at Cirkus.

Polaroid SX-70

onsdag 12 november 2008

One of our favorite photographers

Andreas Ackerup exhibits pics of some bear in a garden, at Restaurang Ljungren, Stockholm tomorrow evening. Guess it will be magic.

image source adamsky.se

onsdag 5 november 2008

Is Obama the next Kennedy?

måndag 29 september 2008

Fashion Tale on Virtanen

fredag 5 september 2008

Fashion Tale Television

onsdag 3 september 2008

tisdag 2 september 2008

Create your own magazine.

fredag 29 augusti 2008

tisdag 26 augusti 2008

In stores now!

måndag 25 augusti 2008

World Wide Fashion Tale Web

Made by Musicbay

torsdag 21 augusti 2008

2.4 tonne of Fahion Tale